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BREAKING: APC Releases Timetable For Primary Races Nationwide


The National Working Committee (NWC) of the All

Progressives Congress (APC) has affirmed the

survey of the timetable for the lead of the 2018

essential races of the gathering.

By the first timetable, presidential primaries were

to hang on September 20, while claims that may

emerge from the lead were to be heard on

September 22.

September 25 was settled for governorship primaries,

while September 26 to 27 were settled for the

knowing about interests that may emerge from the direct.

September 28 to 30 was settled for the becoming aware of

requests that may emerge from all authoritative

primaries, and the national tradition was to hold

on October 6 to confirm the gathering’s possibility for the

2019 presidential decision.

In any case, by the new calendar, discharged on

Wednesday by Emma Ibediro Esq., National

Arranging Secretary of the gathering, the presidential

essential decision has now been settled for September


Governorship essential decision will now hang on

September 29, while the Senate essential decisions

will hang on October 2.

October 3 will observe the House of Representatives

essential races, while October 4 will be for state

places of gathering essential races

The national tradition (presidential) will hang on

October 6 to bring the drapery down on the gathering’s

inward procedures for choosing its contender for the

2019 general decision.

The New Time Table

September 25 — Presidential essential decision

September 29 — Governorship essential decision

October 2 — Senate essential decisions

October 3 — House of delegates essential


October 4 — State place of get together essential


October 6 — National tradition (presidential)


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