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See The Wedding Dress A Nigerian Designer Reportedly Collected N1.8m To Make



A Nigerian lady of the hour is right now crying foul after

a Nigerian planner colleced N1.8 million to

make the dress above. As indicated by the

lady of the hour, the fashioner revealed to her the texture what not

the extras would be delivered in from

Canada. Be that as it may, on getting the dress, the

lady of the hour perceived how “shabby” it looked.

The lady of the hour says she speculates that every one of the things

utilized for the dress were obtained here in

Nigeria. IG client, unmistakable, who shared the

story on the web, composed

“This is the $6,473.68CAD/1,845,000 Naira

wedding dress that we were discussing

a few days ago .

The lady of the hour said she felt the material wasn’t

what was guaranteed to be sent from a

Nigerian form architect who said the texture

what’s more, extras will be delivered from Canada

, the merchant additionally took a shot at the dress last

moment and needed to make another however

she can’t.

1.8 million Naira, okay o, I’m sitting tight for

somebody to come and reveal to me the texture was

transported from the moon and it costs 1.4

Million Naira and the sewing machine was

delivered in from Turkey and it costs another

445,000 Naira , I’m waiting

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