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APC doomed in Enugu aside from NWC rearranges my group – Okey Ogbodo


Factional Chairman of the All Progressives

Congress (APC) in Enugu State, Deacon Okey

Ogbodo, has encouraged the National Working

Council (NWC) to rearrange his group.

He talked with columnists not long after a

session with Kano State Governor Abdullahi

Ganduje-drove national council on harmony

what’s more, compromise.

Talking on issues influencing the part,

Ogbodo said he doesn’t have any complaint to

any push to join the “broken party

structure” however that such endeavor must be

borne out of want to accomplish real


He stated: “I have had no persuading

recognition that the national board of trustees with

which we just met has come to complete a

impartial and fair mediation to

accomplish harmony for our gathering in Enugu State,

something else, for what reason did we not get a formal,

early notice for this visit?

“For what reason was our pioneer, the Honorable

Pastor of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey

Onyeama, who is the official pioneer of APC

in Enugu State, not put a notice? The early

signals are neither great nor empowering,

however, we abandon it at that at this stage.”

On what was talked about amid the conference

with the meeting group, Ogbodo stated: “It was

not intended to be a preliminary by a jury, so we

given then our position archive, in

highly contrasting. The entire substance of this

clear haughtiness was to give harmony a

shot so no one reprimands us for not attempting.

“Going to a pre-masterminded meeting

without a sufficiently early or even formal

notice, to us, adds up to twisting around

in reverse, yet we did it for the general

great of the gathering, and we don’t expect anything

shy of shared correspondence. This was

expected to be a gathering implied for us; a

discussion where we were intended to show up and

argue our case just to be educated in the

last moment, yet we leave that angle

for one more day.”

On the condition he gave the board for

harmony, Ogbodo answered: “Like I said prior,

we presented a position paper in which we

expressed what in our conviction, would sum

to a reasonable goals of the question; Chief of

which is the unequivocal, unrestricted

acknowledgment of the result of the State

Congress of APC in Enugu which hung on

May 19, 2018.

“It was at that party congress that my group

was chosen as the true blue State Executive

of the gathering in this state. We have moreover

encouraged the National Working Committee of

the gathering to regard, and give full impact to

the subsisting request of the Federal High

Court, controlling it from concurring any

type of acknowledgment to Ben Nwoye as the

Director of the gathering in Enugu State.

“Lastly, we expressed that the consequence of the

Essential Elections of the gathering which we

directed in all the 260 discretionary wards of

the State as coordinated by the gathering be the

best way to deliver and submit names of

hail bearers of our gathering for the imminent

2019 general decisions.

“Attorney Tagbo Ogara is the gubernatorial

competitor of the gathering in this state, having

won the selection reasonable and square. Any

endeavor to force Mr. Ayogu Eze on the

gathering will spell fate for the APC since he

isn’t equipped for conveying the

governorships which we want so seriously for

our kin to have an essence of genuine great

administration. There can be no compromise

without equity.”


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