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APC BoT part, Apugo Urges EFCC to indict ex-Abia senator, Sen. Orji over supposed misrepresentation



/Benjamin Apugo, an individual from the Board of

Trustees of the All Progressives Congress,

APC, has approached the Economic and

Money related Crimes Commission, EFCC, to

hurry examination concerning arrangement of petitions

composed by Abia bunches against a previous

Legislative head of Abia state, and current Senator

speaking to Abia focal in the National

Gathering, Theodore Orji, over asserted

money related carelessness that portrayed his

at that point organization.

Apugo decided in a meeting with

newsmen in Umuahia on Wednesday,

asserting that there were a ton of debasement

cases including the Senator before he

moved toward becoming Abia senator, entrusting the counter unite

office to do the needful and arraign the

PDP chieftain.

As indicated by the APC chieftain,” There was

appeal to against him, we have taken a gander at it

what’s more, it is genuine.’ That is the main appeal. Indeed

individuals are calling now for the spouse and child

to be picked, so what are we discussing?

“Would you be able to cover what T.A Orji did in this

state? Not when he is flaunting that EFCC is

in his pocket. On the off chance that he claims the EFCC of today,

he won’t claim the EFCC of tomorrow.

“Any legislature that is battling defilement

ought to have the capacity to call past pioneers to come

furthermore, represent their stewardship. One

ought not discuss this one that is noticeable;

that you offered cash to somebody and you

try not to see an arena or a solitary street where

he put the cash.

“You will scarcely believe, T. An Orji wants to go to

individuals and tell lies; his untruths have remained for

some time and the general population he is telling falsehoods

to, have no ears again to hear lies. It isn’t

someone that enlightened them to overlook concerning the

lies and see reality the manner in which they are.

“There are more bodies of evidence against him including

the ones that are in the court before he

moved toward becoming senator. It is there in a Federal

High Court in Lagos and I will disclose to you one

thing, nothing is over until the point that it is finished.”

In the interim, the contact Officer of the previous

Abia senator, Mr. Ifeanyi Umere, in his

response, said his central ran the most

straightforward government where reserves

reserved for infrastructural ventures were

sensibly used.

“He has nothing to cover up. The records are

there to affirmed that he never contacted

any dime from Abia coffers. Amid his

organization, Senator Orji started and

finished all projects,which are there for

you to see.

“No measure of purposeful publicity and diversion

from the restriction will hinder Senator Orji

from keeping giving popularity based

profits to the general population of Abia focal and

making great laws that has brought

advancement to the state and in senatorial


“I am guaranteeing you that come 2019, he will

crush every one of his adversaries avalanche in the

forthcoming race. The congressperson isn’t

bothered, in light of the fact that has no skeleton in his

pantry,” he included.


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