Home Politics No good thing Will Ever Leave Buhari Govt – Wike

No good thing Will Ever Leave Buhari Govt – Wike


Legislative head of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, has

said no good thing will at any point leave

President Muhammadu Buhari drove

government whenever reelected in one month from now’s

presidential race.

He additionally depicted the organization of

President Buhari as the most exceedingly terrible Federal

Government ever in the nation’s history.

Wike, who talked yesterday amid a

preparation meeting at Unit 7, Ward 9 of

Obio/Akpor Local Government Area, said

Nigerians had endured unimaginable

under the Buhari organization.

The representative kept up that Nigerians

ought not expect any great from the

National Government, which he said had

been battling everybody.

He said that the present organization had

additionally been battling the legal executive so that

they could control the pending

general races.

The senator expressed, “The APC Federal

Government is battling everybody. They

attempted to wreck the National Assembly

what’s more, fizzled. They are likewise battling the

legal executive; along these lines, they can fix the imminent

decisions. They are attempting to scare the

legal executive.

“This legislature has endured Nigerians

unimaginable. There is no good thing

that will leave this administration. It is

the most exceedingly terrible Federal Government ever.”

Wike likewise approached Rivers individuals to cast a ballot

out the APC-drove Federal Government to

draw in advantages to the state.

He stated, “Vote out Buhari and vote in Atiku

Abubakar. Let Buhari and APC pack and

leave the Presidential Villa. Buhari’s

occupancy has terminated.”


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