Rachael looked at her phone once
again. It was the hundredth time she
was checking the time. She glanced at
the empty pillow next to her. “Where
are you this time of the night Joe? ”
she whispered in the silence of the
dark room. Her husband had not
returned since he told her he was
going to visit some friends. It was
exactly 16 hours and now it is 01 a.m,
yet no sign of her husband.
She recalled the moments they spent
together before they got married, he
was so loving and caring. He always
take her out for dinner, to movie
shows as well as moving round the
town. She knew from the way he
respected her and talked to her on
phone most of the time that he was
going to love her and be there for her
But now here she was a year in her
marriage and he had started coming
late home. she had tears on her face,
“It’s not fair Joe that you treat me this
She slowly sat up from the bed careful
not to hurt her baby in her womb, she
was heavily pregnant with only weeks
to her due date. She went to the
kitchen and opened the refrigerator,
poured some cold water in a glass cup
and walked to the living room with a
hand holding her belly.
As she sat down she felt her baby kick
and she smiled. “What is it my angel?”
she whispered, “did I woke you too?
Am sorry my baby. I know you can
feel my sadness. I wish your father
was always here for us, but he has
chosen another kind of life that leaves
the two of us out of his life.” She
wipped the tears in her eyes when she
heard the sound of the door.
Looking at the wall click, it was almost
03 am. Her husband walked in with a
bottle of beer. He looked at Rachael
sitted on the dinning chair and
shouted, “What are you doing up this
time woman? You don’t know where
the bedroom is?” She looked at him
and shook her head. ” You came home
this time of the night and instead of
asking how I am or your child, all you
do is talk nonsense? I can’t
understand you anymore Joe. what
has gotten over you these past
months?” She scolded him as he threw
himself on the couch.. “Please spare
me this morning with your nagging
am so tired I want to sleep.” closing
his eyes he instantly fell asleep.
Rachael looked at him, his shirt was
stained with lipstick. even his right
chick had a mark of red lipstick. she
felt a grip of pain in her chest and
swallowed hard, with the energy she
had left in her, she lifted herself to
bed and lay down to sleep. “Help me
sleep God” she prayed silently as she
wished she would just drown in sleep
and feel the inner peace that she had
not felt in a long time.
She was almost asleep when the loud
ringing phone from the living room
made her fully awake again. She
ignored it, and when it rang the 4th
time she walked to the living room
and found her husband still snoring.
She grabbed the phone from his shirt
pocket and looked at the ringing
phone. ” Hello!” she answered after
sliding it. It was quite for some
seconds. “Hello who is this?” She
” Hello” a feminine voice answered. “I
want to talk to Joe” she responded.
“Sorry he’s sleeping” Rachael told the
caller. “But I can deliver the message
when he wakes up. what should I tell
him? ”
The voice on the other side sighed
before adding, “Oh just tell him I had
a great time last night and that I love
him so much. I cannot wait for
“What?” Rachael asked, her heart
beating fast. “who are you? ”
The lady laughed and shouted. “Am
supposed to ask you that, are you his
secretary? ”
Now Rachael was slowly pulling the
chair and sitting down. She could not
talk or say any more. She disconnected
the line and silently walked back to
the bed room after composing herself.
She knew her husband was cheating
but for the other woman to mock her,
it was too much to handle.
She felt a sharp pain in her stomach.
“Oh my God not now please” she
cried. Her labour had started even
when she still had some time before
her due date.
struggling , she walked back to wake
her husband but all efforts proved
futile. He just turned looked at her
and continued sleeping. She screamed
to wake him so that he could help her
go to the hospital but all efforts failed..
Struggling, she called her friend who
lived two blocks away from her house.
“Please Monica come and drive me to
the hospital. I can’t drive and my
husband is fast asleep he cannot wake
up because he is drunk”. She begged
“Take it easy Rachael” her friend told
her. “Am coming there right now”
“Thank you Monica” she whispered ”
God will bless you”
She slowly packed her bag with baby
things and walked out. Her friend
drove in 5 minutes later and she went
to lay in the back seat as they drove to
Livingstone General hospital.

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After hours of labour, she successfully
gave birth to a baby boy at exactly
10:30 in the morning. she looked at
him and smilled, “Thank you Jesus”
she said holding him close to herself.
Monica who had stayed with her all
this time had called Joe letting him
know his wife was in labour, but he
didn’t show up..
She looked at Rachael whose eyes were
fixed on her baby and felt pity for
her. Her friend had changed a lot
since she got married. She was always
cheerful and in high spirits, but now
she was all quite and thoughtful.
Though she never said much about her
marriage, Monica knew her friend
was going through a rough time..
“Hey Rachael how are you feeling
now?” she asked moving closer to the
bed. Rachael smilled.. “I feel better
though the doctor insists I stay here
for a while so they observe me, they
say I have lost a lot of blood.
“You going to be fine” Monica assured
her, “The baby looks healthy we thank
“Did you call your husband again?”
Monica asked Rachael.. “No Monica..
what for ? If he is not here by now it
means he is not interested. Let him be,
my friend he will come when he feels
it necessary. I don’t want to spoil this
moment with thoughts of Joe so please
if we can stop talking about him” she
said holding her wrapped baby closer..
Better ” Monica nodded. “Whatever
you say, let me just get you something
to eat before I go home. I need to
check on the kids.”
“Thank you so much” Rachael smiled.
“what could I have done without you?
” .
” Don’t mention it ” Monica held her
hand. “We are like sisters, we have
been together since high school
“Yeah ” She let a smile, “thank you
anyways” she added
She sat upright on the hospital bed as
she laid the baby, recalling how she
met her husband..
To be continued …


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