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40+ Countries You Can Travel To As A Nigerian Without Having Visa




These Moments  are trying times for Nigerians and everyone is Eager on leaving the country which is understandable Due To Situations, But however there’s a problem of Visa.




Even though the passport of Nigeria is rated 82nd on the passport index almost same level with Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Eritrea, you can still travel to a lot of countries without a visa or picking up one upon arrival.


Asides countries in West Africa which a Nigerian can travel to easily without a visa due to the ECOWAS union, countries like Barbados, Qatar, Fiji Island and many more can be traveled to without a visa.


Below are the List Of Countries which are visa-free with A Nigerian passport.


– Antigua and Barbuda (electronic entry visa)

– Barbados (visa-free)

– Benin (visa-free)

– Burkina Faso (visa-free)

– Cameroon (visa-free)

– Cape Verde (visa-free)

– Chad (visa-free)

– Comoros (visa on arrival)

– Cote d’Ivore (visa-free)

– Djibouti (e-visa)

– Dominica (visa-free)

– Ethiphia (e-visa, visa on arrival)

– Fiji (visa-free)

– Gabon (e-visa)

– Gambia (visa-free)

– Ghana (visa-free)

– Guinea (visa-free)

– Guinea-Bissau (visa-free)

– Haiti (visa-free)

– Iran (e-visa, visa on arrival)

– Kenya (e-visa, visa on arrival)

– Kyrgyzstan (e-visa)

– Lesotho (e-visa)

– Liberia (visa-free)

– Madagascar (e-visa, visa on arrival)


– Maldives (visa on arrival)

– Mali (visa-free)

– Mauritania (visa on arrival)

– Mauritius (visa on arrival)

– Micronesia (visa-free)

– Mozambique (visa on arrival)

– Namibia (visa on arrival)

– Niger (visa-free)

– Pakistan (online visa)

– Palau (visa-free)

– Qatar (e-visa)

– Rwanda (e-visa, visa on arrival)

– Saint Kitts and Nevis (visa-free)

– Samoa (visa on arrival)

– Sao Tome and Príncipe (e-visa)

– Senegal (visa-free)

– Seychelles (visa on arrival)

– Sierra Leone (visa-free)

– Somalia (visa on arrival)

– Suriname (e-visa)

– Timor Leste (visa on arrival)

– Togo (visa-free)

– Tuvalu (visa on arrival)

– Uganda (e-visa, visa on arrival)

– Vanuatu (visa-free)

– Zambia (e-visa)

– Zimbabwe (e-visa)



40+ Countries You Can Travel To As A Nigerian Without Having Visa



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