BBNaija: How Beauty lost her groove


Beauty Etsanyi Tukura is a personification of beauty. Of course that explains why, when she was born 24 years ago, her parents named her Beauty. And she has gone ahead to live up to her name, becoming Miss Nigeria in 2019.

Beauty is a heart robber. Anywhere she goes, men gush about her beauty and fawn over her. And she basks in the glow of the attention she receives from men. “My parents knew I am beautiful when I was born. That’s why they gave me that name,” she once told her fellow housemates in a chit-chat.

The former beauty queen, no doubt, is living her dreams. She is not just a beauty queen, she is also a model and lawyer. She has also taken her dream chasing a notch higher by being selected as one of the housemates in the BBNaija Season 7 Level Up House.


No mean feat? Certainly. But wait for this. Not only is she the first female housemates to enter the House, She was the first lady to show the world she had got her groove when she met Groovy the tall, handsome light-complexioned, pink-haired artiste who hails from Anambra State.

Groovy, as his name connotes is a metaphor for Beauty’s groove. But he is also turning out to be a metaphor for Beauty’s fall. Yet the Taraba Sate born model and lawyer hasn’t hidden her infatuations.


No doubt, Beauty seemed to have gotten her groove but she lost her groove the very first day she got it. She lost the battle the very first day she thought she won it. She lost her groove the very first day she met Groovy because not only is Groovy not her groove, her temperament doesn’t match Groovy’s.

No doubt Beauty is in love with Groovy and wants to keep him to herself. But Groovy is not one to be confined to a place. Groovy is not giving her the kind of vibes she want. Succinctly put, she doesn’t know how to manage Groovy, a guy who doesn’t want to be put in a straitjacket.

Beauty never knew she had lost her groove until her moment of rage and madness when she charged at Ilebaye, her fellow housemate and yanked off her hat and wig, which has resulted in her getting her first strike.

That first strike connotes Beauty’s free fall from grace. And if what had transpired in the House even before her confrontation with Ilebaye is anything to go by, Beauty has indeed shot herself in the foot.

What transpired on Saturday was a disaster waiting to happen. It was not just an anti-climax, it was the culmination of Beauty’s litany of frustrations and heartbreaks. It was the culmination of the issues that had dogged her relationship with Groovy. Beauty wants Groovy completely, but the light-skinned guy still has eyes for other ladies in the House.

Sign that that things would definitely go awry showed the first time Beauty wanted to kiss Groovy, but he rejected that kiss. Though Beauty finally ended up kissing him on another occasion, she is not happy with the way Groovy has been showing interests in other ladies in the House.

The timeline of Beauty’s rage and frustrations tells the story. Beauty has always accused Groovy of not keeping an eye out for her and that he does not acknowledge her in public. Their relationship started becoming icy when Chomzy caught Groovy’s attention during last week’s Wager presentation and he admitted it after Beauty interrogated him. That didn’t go down well with her.

Other housemates reacted differently to Beauty’s anger. While Phyna claimed that the kiss she had earlier shared with Groovy was the reason for the former beauty queen’s anger, Amaka believed that Beauty “marks” people when they get too close to her heartthrob and

Khalid then questioned whether they had created boundaries in their relationship. Things got worse when Groovy, the silent playboy, was seen caressing Daniella’s legs, after Daniella and Beauty who had had issues the night before over Bryann had ironed them out.

Still, what led to Saturday showdown that resulted in Beauty’s strike was that she got angry seeing Groovy danced with Chomzy that night. The Taraba State- born beauty is so much in love with Groovy she doesn’t want to see her with another lady

And things got heated the more when Ilebaye, who was Chomzy’s roommate in the hostel, tried to talk to her about the situation, telling her that there was nothing wrong with Groovy dancing with Chomzy. However Beauty felt slighted. She felt Ilebaye, with whom they were close, was supporting Chomzy because they had been roommates back in the hostel.

Still, what happened last night was the boiling point of the frustrations Beauty had had over Groovy’s flirtatious acts. Still, that wasn’t the first time Beauty had picked a fight with Ilebaye, whom she had thought was trying to snatch her boyfriend, when she (Chomzy) once combed Groovy’s hair. Beauty lambasted Chomzy for combing her boyfriend’s hair without her permission.

The truth is, Beauty is overly protective and territorial. Though she may have found her groove in Groovy, she has also lost it because of her over-protective nature. And she is sounding more reactive and hostile in the bid to protect what she believes belong to her.

But as a former beauty queen, model and lawyer, Beauty is supposed to do better than this. She is supposed to set good examples, follow the rules and be focused. She is supposed to be strategic rather than putting all her cards on the table. Still, Beauty may be playing a smart game, and that explains why she is possessive, that explains why she wants to keep Groovy to herself and play the BBNaija game.

Still, this is the Big Brother Naija House, if she doesn’t tread softly, she may burn her fingers: she may earn the second and even the third strike; that is, if she has not even lost focus. She may not even earn another strike. But the fans too are watching. They are watching her every movement in the House with keen interest, like Big Brother, especially as it relates to Groovy.


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