Check out highlights from the BBNaija Level 2 Pool party (WATCH)


Check out highlights from the BBNaija Level 2 Pool party (WATCH). Level 2 Housemates Pool Party Shots were fired, egos were bruised but it was all cruise.

While the Level 2 Housemates were flexing their Pool Party, the Level 1 Housemates made sure they were not left behind with catching fun as they had their own fun little game to keep themselves busy.

Started by Adekunle and Chomzy, the cruise session then involved the other Housemates.


Later hosted by Sheggz and Chichi, the cruise session involved the Housemates answering a series of questions asked in a playful tone.

When the paper mic (They literally folded papers to serve as microphones) got to you, whatever your eye see, you go just take am like that.


The spiciest moments of the cruise happened when Doyin and Chomzy got their turn at the mic and were faced with questions that nearly threw them off their balance

When the mic got to Doyin, Chchi quickly gave it to her hot saying: “Baby girl we notice that you’ve been dangling to the left and dangling to the right, you’ve been galavanting.” Then Chichi asked why Doyin was galavanting (Chichi was speaking of her relationship with guys in the House) when she already had Cyph.

Doyin denied it saying apart from Cyph she had feelings for no one else and that her ship with other guys was pure friendship.

Then Rachel asked her why she was having therapy sessions’ everywhere. Chichi, Rachel, and Chomzy continued to query her about why her therapy sessions were only with men.

Just before she could answer, Bella came with another hefty accusation saying Doyin had told her that she could only have a therapy session with Sheggz and not with Bella. Everyone in the lounge burst into laughter and started screaming due to Bella’s bomb.

One of those who laughed heavily was soon to become an interview guest as well and boy was it spicy.

Chomzy, who had been laughing at the cruise question thrown at Doyin, was the next victim. Dotun was asked to explain his situationship with Chomzy and he replied that she was indecisive.

This didn’t go down well with Chomzy who said Dotun was not man enough to know what he wanted and that’s why she said no to him.

Dotun gave a clap back that sent the room into a frenzy when he said; “I know what i want but you are not what I wanted.”

Chichi took over the interview and asked Dotun when he realized she was not the one for him.

Dotun said it was after the second day of trying. Chomzy picked on this saying Dotun did want her but he was throwing shade because she told him no.

Dotun gave a retort that Chomzy never said no and that Chomzy did to him what she was presently doing to Eloswag.

He made it clear he was a casanova in the past and can see when the moves of a casanova are being pulled on him.

Hermes who was standing beside Dotun quickly took over the conversation like it was a relay and started speaking of his own experience with Chomzy.

He said he was quite assertive with her because the first time he spoke to her she said no but later on she couldn’t give a straight response.

Chomzy countered this saying she gave him a straight ‘no’ because he was inconsistent. Hermes denied this and stuck to his words.

After the cruise had ended, Chomzy was spotted with Eloswag complaining about what Dotun said and how it hurt her feelings..







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