Football’s Greatest Coaches of the Modern Century


Football is not just about the players or the fans; there are people who work in the background trying to ensure everything is in order, and the team gets victories.

They are the ones who organize the tactics, set up the teams, handle team interviews, making sure everything is in proper order.

In essence, they are the backbone of the team because if they are absent the team doesn’t function. Football has released so many great managers in history. Coaches who lived and breathed victories and trophies, people who achieved the unexpected and defied all odds. In this modern generation, we have witnessed many coaches who have left an unforgettable impact on football. Therefore, in this blog post, we’ve listed some honorary names who can be considered the greatest coaches of the modern century.


Jose Mourinho

The special one as he is popularly known will always find a way to any best coach ranking. Jose Mourinho is a coach who lets the passion he has for the game speak for himself. He is a very vocal coach who is never afraid to speak his mind, and even most times we prefer if Jose doesn’t speak so he doesn’t land in trouble. Jose has been in the coaching game for over 20 plus years, and up till today, he is still proving his importance in football. Jose Mourinho has achieved unimaginable success in football, cutting across different countries’ leagues. The Portuguese have had a successful coaching spell managing clubs such as Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, and Fc Porto. Furthermore, he has won numerous domestic and international titles like The English Premier, The Champions League, and many more.


Sir Alex Ferguson

The great Sir Alex Ferguson performed wonders during his long tenure as a Manchester United Manager. During his 26-year tenure as a United manager, he led the club to 38 major international and Domestic trophies. The Scottish genius took the club from a dire state to one of the biggest clubs in England. Ferguson was a very meticulous man with his own unique style of coaching. He believed in hard work and always expected his players to give a hundred percent effort on the pitch. It would be hard for another manager to reach the heights Ferguson reached at Manchester United. His name is still sung by the spectators to this day, demonstrating how he was genuinely cherished.


The master tactician known as Pep Guardiola is known for being a serial winner with his habit of winning at least a trophy every season. The Spaniard depicts the perfect definition of a modern coach, with his ability to tweak his tactics to different styles. There is no comprehension of Guadiorla’s strategies or thoughts to demonstrate how dynamic he is. He is also incredibly skilled at strategizing, which would make him a successful gambler at the Bizzo Casino.

Jurgen Klopp

The charismatic and vibrant German manager is the coach you call on when you need a trophy. In a German league dominated by Bayern, Klopp was able to use his group of young stars to win the Bundesliga title back to back. His transition to England to coach Liverpool FC saw the team claim their first Premier League title in 30 years. Furthermore, he also spiced it up by winning the Champions League, a title that has eluded his grasp multiple times.


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