Nigerian Man Upgrades Father’s Mud House To Twin Duplex[VIDEO]


A Nigerian guy captivated hearts on social media after demolishing his parents’ ancient mud house and replacing it with twin duplexes.

The pleased son, who chose to thank his parents following his accomplishment, posted a video of the construction job from start to finish.

In a video he put online, the man showed his father’s clay house before construction on the land began.


He then shared footage of the completed twin duplexes which he built for his parents.

The heartwarming video has since gone viral on social media and many Nigerians have praised the man for his act of kindness and gratitude towards his parents, describing it as a rare act of love and an inspiration to many others.


This is the kind of news that makes my day. I wish more people would remember their roots and show gratitude to those who have played important roles in their lives. Kudos to this young man for setting a great example”.

“I am in tears watching this video. This is what it means to truly honor your parents. I hope this young man’s act of kindness will inspire others to do the same”.

Many fans have also expressed their admiration for the beautiful twin duplexes, which are a far cry from the old clay house that stood in their place.

See video below;



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