“Person wey no get sense” – Mummy Zee fires back at Tacha for rubbishing woman who wakes up at 4 am to cook for man, she reacts


A Nigerian housewife that went viral online, Debbie Olaki, popularly known as Mummy Zee, has thrown a subtle shade at Big Brother Naija reality TV star, Tacha, for shutting off the idea of a woman cooking for her man at 4 am.

It is worth noting that Mummy Zee gained spotlight after she disclosed via her X page that she wakes up at 4:50am to cook her husband’s lunch, routine that sparked massive attentions.

Her posts quickly spread like wild fire, attracting admiration and criticism. Amidst many debates, Debbie receives household items from generous Nigerians.


However, the BBNaija star, Tacha, shared her opinions during a recent interview with Phyna’s podcast, stating that waking up at 4 am to cook for man is rubbish.

Slamming Mummy Zee, Tacha noted that no man deserves making such sacrifice.


Subsequently, Debbie responded the host, called her a senseless being. She wrote, “Person wey no get sense”.

Tacha quickly replied the celebrity housewife, raining insults heavily on her.

She reacted, “Take a look at this homeless piece of sh*t with zero self esteem. Zomb*e that has zero ability to think for herself at her big age!!”

“Really hope you use all that community funds you got from begging to actually send your daughter to a good school! that way she doesn’t turn out this stup!d “hat!ng on a fellow woman because it is popular to do so!! or waking up 4am to cook rubbish for a long-throat hungry looking man”.

“See!! it’ll never be my fault y’all don’t understand “context” and to even think I was praising this fuul on an episode of the Big Friday show is just funny.”


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