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Lagos Policemen Arrested For Assaulting Social Media Influencer




Eight Police officers have been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for allegedly assaulting and extorting a social media influencer.

Olumide Bakare

The influencer, whose name is Olumide Bakare narrated the ordeal on his twitter wall on Wednesday on how he was assaulted, arrested by force and extorted of 260,000 by some policemen belonging to the Ogudu Branch.


365Trendies learnt that Bakare’s Uber was flagged down while 3 policemen dashed inside and forced them to drive to the police station.

He said “When we got to the station, they took us to one corner with two wooden rooms. They collected my phones, my AirPods and ID card.


“Even as I explained that I’m an influencer and work for several brands, they kept on searching my email, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp, and after asking questions, which I gave proper answers to, they saw a text about homosexuals in a group that I belonged to and they labelled me a gay.


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