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Sacred Relationships Update

Sacred Relationship Update 20 April 2021: Abir asking what will mum do. Mehul asks him to just come. Varsha shows the surprise for Mishti. Rajshri says it will look good on Kuhu. Varsha says no, I got this made for Mishti, sorry. Rajshri hugs her and says really, Mishti will be so happy. She calls out Mishti. Varsha says she went to meet her friend. Rajshri checks the door, saying Mishti would have come. Abir and Mehul come home. Rajshri welcomes them.


 Sacred Relationship Update 19 April 2021

Mishti says why would Kuhu say this, her friend has no such problem. She calls Kuhu. She sees Abir’s car. Kuhu answers and says wow, will you call me and make me bored. Mehul says I was away from my children, I didn’t get a chance to raise them, I lost a lot, I didn’t imagine to get this chance, I couldn’t bring happiness in my marital life, I dreamt that this doesn’t happen with my children, I prayed that Abir gets a good life partner. Mishti comes inside. Kuhu is on call. She hears the family talking to Mehul. Vishwamber asks Mehul to be clear. Mehul says I have seen bad days and thought what’s the reason for my living, now I feel I m alive for this day, I have come to ask Mishti’s hand for Abir. Everyone looks on. Kuhu gets shocked.
Mehul says Mishti met me first, I got to know what she means for Abir. Abir says we didn’t tell anything at home. Mehul says you are the best son, I m the worst father, I can ask your happiness at least. He says Mishti did many favors on me, she united me with my son, I want her to reach her destination.

Rajshri asks how can we fix thius without informing Meenakshi and Nanu. Abir says its a surprise for me also. Mishti says yes. Mehul says I wanted to surprise you on Navratri, we will talk to Meenakshi at home, just tell me you want to marry right. Abir and Mishti say yes, we are not in a hurry. Mehul says I think Bappa had made this jodi already, do you accept this alliance or not. Abir and Mishti say yes. Mehul smiles. Vishwamber says we can’t say no, its a yes from our sides. Mehul says congrats and hugs him. Rajshri says Abir, you have really become my son. She blesses Abir. She stops Varsha. She says Mishti, Varsha made a special necklace for you. Vishwamber says its beautiful. Varsha says you have done a lot for us, thanks.

She makes Mishti wear the necklace and hugs. Abir looks on. Kuhu cries and thinks Kunal will get angry, marriage will be over. Kunal comes and says I know why you are crying. She asks how do you know. Abir asks so you aren’t in a hurry. Mishti says even you aren’t in a hurry. They joke. He asks what’s the problem. She says something happened between Kuhu and Kunal, Varsha was crying, I promised to find out the problem, I didn’t know this would happen. He says even I didn’t have any idea, dad made the list of things to do, I m happy, but Nanu wasn’t there today, our relation is incomplete without his blessings, my dad loves me and you also.

She says you feel this moment should have been of Nanu, I think you should tell him, Kunal would be angry too. Mehul says we have to tell Meenakshi also. Mishti says Abir loves his mum a lot, thanks, it would be good if family had come. Kunal says my family isn’t in a good position, I want them to be happy. Kuhu says I love them. He says I know, time out, we won’t fight now, can you do this for me. She thinks you have no idea that Mehul fixed Abir and Mishti’s alliance. She says fine, I won’t fight, what if I need time out. He asks why, you don’t have such tension in your house. She says you will also not fight me. He says fine and goes. Mehul says its my mistake to come this way, I m sorry. Abir says stop saying sorry, I got selfish, I was scared, if the family doesn’t let me attend your marriage then… Abir says no, I would always want you with me. Mehul says sorry, I just want to see you both together, I have come, I won’t let anyone come between your happiness. Nanu says none can defeat us once Abir comes. Everyone practices Dandiya. Kuhu thinks this happiness will disappear when Abir comes. Kunal asks where did mum go.

Nanu asks did you see Abir. She says no. Nidhi says he would be with his dad.
Kunal says he will come, practice with us, are you with us. She says yes, always. Kuhu thinks to call Varsha. Ketki asks her to win couple of the year trophy. Kunal says fine, I won’t share it with you. He thinks I m not like Abir, but I can do this for my family, thanks for time out Kuhu. Rajshri feeds sweets to Abir and Mishti. Vishwamber feeds sweets to Varsha. She turns and gets upset. Yeh rishte hai pyaar ke…..plays…. Shaurya and Mishti see Varsha. Nanu says I have a surprise for Abir, we shall fix Abir and Mishti’s alliance. Parul says everything is getting fine. Kuhu says I need to talk to Meenakshi. Music stops. Everyone comes. Kuhu says nothing. Kunal asks her to say.


Kuhu says Abir…. Mehul and Abir come home. Abir says I will tell you Kunal, dad you go and rest. Mehul says no, I m fine. Abir says dad and I went out to spend some time, but… Meenakshi asks what. Abir says Nanu you know my feelings for Mishti. Mehul says its my mistake. Meenakshi says wait, I m talking to Abir. Abir says dad wanted to surprise me, so he fixed Mishti and my alliance. Everyone gets shocked. Nanu saying Abir is kidding. Kuhu says no, its the truth. Nanu goes. Parul asks didn’t you wish to take us along. Abir says yes, I wanted to, but I didn’t know about it. Kaushal and everyone leave. Meenakshi asks Kuhu for water. Abir gives her water. He says I swear I didn’t know. Mehul says I wanted to surprise Abir, I know you don’t like Mishti. Meenakshi says its a surprise for all of us, you did wrong, this should have not happened. She goes.

Kunal and Kuhu also leave. Mehul says no one congratulated you, we did a big mistake that none is happy for you.Varsha says I have made noodles soup. Mishti says I remember that day, when I came in this house for the first time, you made noodles soup for me. Vishwamber says there is much time for bidaai.Rajshri asks how will this house look when both daughters stay away. Varsha says everything was new for you, its not easy to trust. She hugs Mishti. Mishti asks her to keep her faith. She says I didn’t know of all this, it was a surprise for Abir and me, I m sorry, I did a mistake in knowing your love, I don’t want to repeat it. She feeds soup to Varsha. Jasmeet signs no. Varsha holds Mishti’s face.

Kuhu says Mishti is scary, and also Kunal. Abir says this should have not happened this way, dad wanted to surprise me, Kunal and Nanku are angry. She says why does this happen that we get stuck between our dear ones, all the best. Abir goes to Nanu and Kunal. He jokes. Kunal says I don’t like his jokes. Nanu ignores Abir. Kunal asks Nanu to spend time with him. Abir locks the door. He says if I do a mistake, I take the responsibility, when you left me alone in the theatre, I have watched the entire film, you can punish me. Kunal asks why, don’t know how life got us here. Abir says Nanu is happy for me, you are ignoring my happiness, think of me once, I love Mishti and want to marry her. Kunal says I feel you are making a big mistake. Nanu says we also want Abir to be happy. Abir thanks and hugs him. Nanu asks him to convince him. Abir says sorry bro.



Kunal leaves saying no need to convince me. Abir says I promise to always ask you first. Nanu says I just have one best friend in this house. Abir says mine too. They hug. Kuhu wishes Kunal shouldn’t come. Kunal thinks I can sit here in peace for some time. She gets Mishti’s call. He sees her. She asks him not to fight her, time out. They argue. She says Abir is getting away from you, Mehul supports him. Kunal says you are right, I will keep my promise, time out. She says okay time out. He thinks you made me realize my mistake, I have to change my attitude, I mean I have to act like that. Mishti says I feel I m going to marry tensions. Rajshri jokes. Vishwamber says Nanu called and invited us in Dandita party. Rajshri says we have to go to Ananya’s inlaws. Vishwamber says sorry, I forgot, we have to go to Ananya’s inlaws.

Nanu says I got late to invite. Vishwamber says we will come next time, we will send Mishti. Nanu says she has to come, I will pull her ears, she didn’t inform me about alliance fix. Vishwamber says yes, you can keep her forever. Nanu says that day is still away, we will keep her well.Vishwamber asks Mishti to go to Rajvansh sadan. Rajshri jokes and laughs. Meenakshi cries thinking of Abir. Mehul comes. Abir stops Kunal and says I want to talk to you, I love Mishti. Mehul says Abir got his love, aren’t you happy with his happiness. She says you think I don’t understand your tricks. He says I m just supporting my son, you played tricks and made them away. She says the time will tell this. She goes.
Abir says brothers are to support, I need you today, I always trusted you, you hate Mishti, I can’t choose one of you and Mishti. Kunal says correct.

Abir asks can’t you get happy for me. Kunal says I missed you, I need you, this house needs you, I m with you and will always be. Abir says it means you will accept Mishti. Kunal says I know your dad…. Abir says he is your dad also. Kunal says I will try to be happy with you, I can’t fight you more. They hug.

Meenakshi thanks Lord. Mishti gets Abir’s message and replied that he is coming in 10 mins. Mishti is worried. Rajshri comes to ask. Mishti says I m stressed, Abir is coming, I will wear normal clothes. Rajshri says you will look good any way, get ready fast. Rajshri jokes. She sends Mishti to get ready. Kunal meets the lawyer and says I want the divorce, I will give divorce Kuhu tomorrow, tell me your plan, you received the advance payment already, I m waiting. He goes and takes Meenakshi’s blessing. He says I have seen you crying a lot, I promise Mishti won’t come here, if I don’t win, I won’t come in front of you, I just want your blessings. She blesses him.



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