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Sacred Relationships Update

Sacred Relationship 16 May 2021: starts with Meenakshi seeing Abir and Mishti. She leaves. Abir asks Mishti to take the injection. He sees the door and goes out to see. Kunal sees someone and says Kuhu…. He calls Kuhu. He sees Kuhu there. She disconnects the call. Bekhudi….plays…. He thinks why did she disconnect my call, I didn’t leave her, and she left me. Abir smiles seeing Mishti as his doctor. Saathiya mere….plays… He imagines Mishti and apologizes to the doctor. Nannu comes to Mishti. She dances happily. She says you know our Nish Mish attack worked, I m right, Abir cares for me, he still loves me, I still can’t believe it, it happened because of you and Kanha ji, you returned me my love, you said you don’t understand my love.


He gets sad. She asks are you not happy. He thinks no, but why am I not happy. He says I was thinking what did I forget, your medicines. He goes out and thinks I came here for Mishti’s happiness, she is happy today, why am I not happy. Abir comes there. Dheere dheere….plays…. He thinks I could have lost her, she would have felt that I hate her and removed her from my life, how can this lie be more imp than her life, she is with someone else, but she took my name in unconscious state, why.Nannu thinks she is my best friend, she is getting her love, I should be happy. Abir thinks enough now, I m lying here since a long time, I will tell truth to Mishti today, I will go away if she doesn’t need me. He comes to Mishti. She thinks Abir……. He smiles. She turns to him. Kunal comes and hugs Abir. Abir recalls Meenakshi’s words. Kunal asks are you okay, if anything happened to you….sorry guys, I didn’t know about jungle fire and cyclone. Abir says I know, why are you sorry, I got late.

Kunal asks are you okay Mishti. She says yes. Abir says look at me, I m fine. Kunal says I was so scared. Abir sees Mishti. He goes with Kunal.Mishti says Abir came to tell me the truth, if Kunal didn’t come, Abir would have told me. Nannu comes. She says I knew you will come back Abir… She sees Nannu. He says you call me Abir or Nannu, when will you call me Nishant. She says you come without my calling, you are my best friend. She goes to change. Laxman says sorry for last mistake, Nishant Maheshwari is Anshuman and Jasmeet’s son. Meenakshi asks what, Nishant Maheshwari, Mishti went to London right. He says yes, she went to Nishant, he has much experience in launching apps. She says so he wants to deal with Abir, he cancelled deal with American company and had bear the loss. Laxman says yes, Nishant made Mishti the partner for one deal. She says its Nishant and Mishti’s well thought plan. He asks her to read it again. She says none should know this again, you may leave now. He goes.


She says I can’t tolerate anyone doing wrong with my family, I won’t leave her. Mishti says I love hospitals. Nannu jokes. Mishti says when I realized love for Abir, I was in a hospital, and even today when he realized he loves me, I m in a hospital. He says I never realized anything good here. She says you left drugs and I got my best friend back, I won’t let you go. He says promise, we won’t come here again. Kunal apologizes. Abir says its fine. Kunal gets Meenakshi’s cal. Kunal says Kuhu had allergic reaction. Abir says take me to her.

Nannu asks for Kuhu. Lady says she left. Mishti asks what happened to her. Nannu says she had eaten walnuts. Mishti asks where is she. Lady says maybe she left with her husband and his brother. Mishti thinks Abir left. Nishi asks Kuhu about medicines. Meenakshi blesses Kuhu and asks for Kunal. Kuhu says I thought he will be busy. Meenakshi thinks why don’t anyone want to tell me. She asks are you fine. Kuhu says I had small allergic reaction, I m fine, I wasn’t alone, Kunal was with me. Meenakshi asks her to rest. She thinks Kunal didn’t know about Abir and I scolded him. She asks Nishi to help her carefully.

Mishti asks Nannu to go and meet Kuhu. She holds his hand and says come, I hope you didn’t tell anyone at home. He says Rajshri called and I lied. She thanks and hugs him. He says Abir came and left without saying anything. She says no. He says I don’t understand your love. She says I also didn’t understand, when I accepted the feelings that I hate Abir, we have to accept feelings, Nannu. He says I hate Nannu. She says but I love Nannu. He looks at her. She says I can’t explain my love, you would be thinking why I call you Nannu, I don’t call just to tease you, its bonus that you get irritated. He asks really. She asks him to come in.


Abir and Kunal coming home. Meenakshi hugs Abir and asks are you fine. Abir says yes, I m awesome until Kunal is with me. She says I heard about the jungle fire. She hugs Kunal and says so sorry, I didn’t know about Kuhu, go to her. Abir thinks I have to pay a price to save this relation, but can I hide the truth from Mishti. She asks is everything fine. He says yes. He hugs Nanu. He asks Parul to get food. He says Jugnu I have some work, come with me. Meenakshi asks Nidhi did she do her work. Nidhi says I will do it now.Mishti says this was my life’s best birthday just because of Nannu. Jasmeet says my Nannu is a diamond. Rajshri says you didn’t tell about the wound, won’t you celebrate birthday with us. Shaurya says we will celebrate it tonight. Nannu says we will have a party, I will meet Kuhu and invite Kuhu, Kunal and Nidhi. Jasmeet says I will come along. Nannu says don’t embarrass me. Mishti says not done, you shouldn’t talk like this. Nannu takes Jasmeet. Mishti says Nannu is the best. Kuhu crosses out the dates on the calendar. Kunal comes to her and asks what are you doing. She says I m doing the same thing since three months. He asks don’t you find any difference. She says it got easy for me to mark the dates. He says I didn’t see a mean girl than you. She says I didn’t see anyone more selfish than you.

He stops her and says I was with you all the time when you were ill. She doesn’t listen and says I know you can’t be with me, mark all the calendar dates. He says you don’t understand me. She says maybe, I understand that you don’t love me. He gets sad.Abir asks Jugnu to get the box. Jugnu falls down and asks what’s inside the box that you saved it instead me. Abir says there is something precious. Jugnu says I m hurt. They get the box downstairs. Nannu comes to meet Kuhu. Nidhi asks who are you. He asks who are you, Kunal’s sister. Nidhi says I m his aunt. He says you look so aunt. She says I m just Nidhi for you. Jasmeet comes and asks did you like to meet my Nannu. Kuhu runs to meet him. She hugs Nannu and Jasmeet. She says he is my elder brother Nishant. Nidhi says we take good care of Kuhu. Jasmeet says we will worry for her, she is our family daughter.

Nannu says we came to invite you in the birthday party. Jasmeet says Nannu is my son. Nannu greets Meenakshi and says you were client yesterday and you are family today, we came to take Kunal and Kuhu. Meenakshi says sure. Kunal says I can’t come, sorry. Kuhu says Kunal has a meeting, I will come. Nannu asks can I meet Abir. Abir sees Mishti’s picture. He says I don’t want to hide anything, I want to tell you everything. Nannu knocks the door. Abir hides the painting and sees him. Mishti says its time for confession time, Abir was going to confess love but Kunal came in between, its okay, I m sure that this time Abir will tell his feelings. Nannu says I have come to meet Kuhu and thought to see you. Abir asks him to sit. Nannu does shayari and says our likes are similar, I felt you are reserved. Abir says no.



Nannu says then prove me wrong, lets play a game, word association. Abir answers. Nannu asks love. Abir says Mi…. I, me, myself, I love myself. Nannu says you didn’t care for life to save Mishti. Abir says I would have done the same for anyone in her place. Nannu asks really. Abir says yes, what do we have to do about contract. Nannu says you are an expert in move on from one topic to another, right Abir. Meenakshi says so Nishant will stay here. Jasmeet says he came for work, he will go back to London. Meenakshi signs Nidhi. She goes away. Nidhi asks Jasmeet about Nannu’s GF. Jasmeet says he is single. Nidhi asks shall we find a girl for him. Jasmeet says yes, I will choose one in a million. Meenakshi says I have to talk to Kunal, he has to go to Maheshwari house. She goes to Kunal. He says thanks, I didn’t know about Abir, I m glad you aren’t upset. She says you knew Mishti is Nishant’s business partner, I asked you and you didn’t say, you lied to me, do you want to unite Mishti and Abir.

He says no, Abir wanted to…. She asks what. He says calm down, sorry, Nishant and Mishti are together, don’t worry, Abir doesn’t love Mishti, she moved on. Abir says you question a lot. Nannu says lets have a rugby match to close the deal, you have to play to win. Abir says I already won. Nannu says I also want the same, your app gets successful, lets play unless you feel you will lose. Abir says yes, we don’t play rugby, we play football. Nannu says then we will play football, I didn’t know we will become friends.

Abir says we don’t know when we make friends. Nannu asks can you keep your love hidden, tell me. Abir says I m not a love expert. Nannu says you can play football, but Kunal won’t play, he refused to come in the party. Abir says I will talk to him.

Meenakshi says I don’t trust you, I heard Jasmeet, she said he has no one in his life. Kunal asks really, maybe Jasmeet is lying or doesn’t know about Nishant and Mishti, trust me, I didn’t wish to lie, what shall I do. She says go to their home and find out if there is love between Nishant and Mishti, you have to go in the party. Abir and Nannu come. Abir says mum is right, its first time mum is agreeing, its a miracle since you came here Nishant. Nishant says I m myself a miracle, so Kunal, are you coming. Kunal says yes. Nannu says see you soon.




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