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Strange Love Update

Strange Love 16 May 2021: starts with Shlok asking Kalindi why do you want to ruin your daughter’s life. She says because my daughter can’t live with a man who does not respect woman, you are like your mum Anjali. Shlok gets angry hearing this and shouts enough and breaks a glass and gets hurt by it. His hand bleeds. He says you told a lot. He laughs seeing the wound and Kalindi is shocked. He says now tell me how can I sign. Kalindi says now I m more sue about you, you can’t be right for Astha, your divorce will happen, I will make sure at any cost. She leaves in anger.


Astha is in the same office. They don’t see each other. Astha comes to her senior and says Sir, I m sorry, I can’t do this job. He says what, you can take a leave for some days then you can resume. Astha says no, I have to leave this job permanently. He shows her the bond and asks her to forget this for one year. He says I can’t help you in this, now get back to your work. Astha leaves from his cabin. She comes to her cabin and thinks what to do. She resumes her work and goes to take photocopy of some papers. The peon helps her. She says fine, I will do this. He insists. She comes to know that Shlok’s hand is hurt. She gets worried.

Astha runs to Shlok hitting people on the way. She comes to Shlok and does the first aid. She is shocked seeing the blood in his hand. She blows on his hand and cares for him. Shlok looks at her. All the office staff looks at them. Music plays………………….. Shlok looks at the divorce papers. He sees how much she loves him. Khuda…………………….plays……………… She applies the ointment and does the bandage. People says I wish my wife also loved me like this. Shlok hears this and gets angry.Astha leaves Shlok’s hand and says I m fed up listening about us from others. He says did I tell you to do this. She says I don’t care even if you are hurt. He says then why did you come running, you can’t change this fact that you are this company’s boss’s wife, I told you I will erase your identity, your identity is that you are my wife. Astha says your pride will break soon as I m going to erase Mrs. Astha Shlok Agnihotri’s identity soon. She leaves from his cabin while Shlok looks on.


Sojal and jaya are having a talk about Astha being absent in the Vaan. Anjali is listening to them. Anjali scolds jaya for making gissip. Niranjan says I m proud of you Varad, you freed Shlok at the right time from jail. Shlok comes. Niranjan and Varad are tensed seeing his hand hurt. Shlok says its a small wound, would be fine. Kalindi tells Ajju what Shlok did. Kalindi says I m worried about Astha, I don’t think he will give divorce to Astha, he has hurt his hand when I asked him to sign the papers.The neighbors ask Ajju and Kalindi to come for the Vaan. Kalindi says why should we do this. Ajju says I think Astha should do it. Kalindi says why so, we can’t insult Vaan as Astha and Shlok are not in such relation. Ajju says Astha is Shlok’s wife right now.

Anjali is looking at the door and asks Sojal to heat the food as Niranjan would be coming. She scolds Sojal. jaya says when will Niranjan come, we are waiting since so much time. Anjali says women eat after men, not before them. jaya feels hungry. Sojal says I m so hungry, don’t know when will he come. jaya takes a roti and hides it in her saree. She says Sojal, Kavya is crying, come with me. Sojal says I can’t hear anything, you go. jaya shows her the roti and says come with me. Anjali says go and see Kavya. They leave from the hall. Niranjan comes and Anjali takes his bag.He says did you not sleep till now. She says how can I sleep when you are not at home. He smiles happy with her reply. He says you are always proved you are a very good wife that makes my expectations increase. He says I expect you become a good mum in law, you think Astha is not good for this house, I think every girl is the same, its our duty to put values in her, she is our bahu now, it does not matter now, we should keep the relations intact for lifetime, don’t do anything that makes her hate this house.

Anjali says sure, I will take care. He starts eating.Its morning, Niranjan gets ready and sees Anjali putting fruits in a plate. He says Anjali, you decorated the Vaan plate. She says yes, I m sending his to Astha’s house, its her first Vaan. He says you should go yourself, she should see her love. He says give your jewellery to Astha which your parents gave you, your parent’s love should reach her. Anjali agrees. He leaves.Ajju and Kalindi are ready. Astha says mum you are looking very beautiful, but why are worried. Kalindi says I m not. Astha asks what happened. Anjali comes and greets them. She comes with the Vaan plate. Everyone are shocked to see Anjali. Kalindi says how come you are here. Anjali says I came here to give my bahu her Vaan shagun, I hope you also celebrate this as its her first Vaan. She says take this Astha. Astha does not take it. Anjali keeps it there and leaves.Kalindi says what do they want from us, why don’t they let us live peacefully, what does this mean when Shlok does not regard Astha as his wife, why don’t he sign the divorce papers, what should we do, I went to explain Shlok, I asked him to sign the papers and he has hurt his hand. Astha is shocked knowing this.


Kalindi saying why is Shlok not singing the divorce papers. Astha is shocked knowing Shlok has hurt his hand so that he can’t sign the papers. Kalindi says I m losing, I can’t see any way now. Ajju says calm down, don’t be disheartened, trust the Bappa. Astha says yes, don’t worry, what you want will happen, I will make Shlok sign the divorce papers. Ajju asks what will you do. Astha says whatever I do will be right. She thinks of something. She sees the Vaan shagun.Anjali is doing Sojal’s tilak at home. They celebrate Vaan. Anjali gives her bangles and asks her to return the bangles tomorrow. Sojal says I will take good care of them. They are shocked to see Astha. Astha walks in. Kavya smiles seeing Astha. Anjali is happy and goes to her.

Anjali smiles and does her tilak. Astha greets her touching her feet. Anjali says you have made us very happy wearing the shagun saree and ornaments, a woman should always bend. She gives her necklace which Niranjan wanted her to give it to Astha. She says this is the necklace which my parents gave me. Sojal is annoyed. Astha asks where is Niranjan. Anjali shows the room. Astha goes to talk to him.Astha comes to his room and Niranjan turns to see him. She greets him. Niranjan is happy to see him. Astha says I have come to ask for something. He says ask, its your right, you are my daughter. Astha says I have worn everything which I got in Shagun, but what does this mangalsutra mean to me when Shlok hates me. She says this marriage has become a cage for me, I can’t bear the burden of this relation, please free me. Niranjan is shocked. Permit me to take the divorce.


Niranjan says is this your wish. She says yes. He says its strange my daughter asked me something for the first time and what she asked, fine, but remember always my and your relation won’t break anytime. Astha smiles while crying and touches his feet. She cries and says thank you.She keeps Anjali’s necklace there. Niranjan is angry seeing this. Astha comes back to him and greets him again. He says be happy. She leaves from the room.Shlok is in his room. Niranjan comes to him and sits by his side. He looks at Shlok’s wounded hand and says I know how you got hurt, you are angry with whatever is happening, your anger is right, but we have to win the heart by love not by anger, use your anger at right place, anger should not be in relations. Shlok says I won’t do what Astha wants, as your happiness is not in that. Niranjan hugs him and says I know how much you love me, but I can’t see you in pain, I m your dad, listen carefully to what I m saying now. (Muted!!) Shlok is shocked.

Shlok says what you want will happen. Niranjan smiles. Astha comes to the mandir. Few women see her and talk with her. They ask her to come with them and do the Vaan. Astha nods no. They insist and takes Astha with them. Shlok comes there and sees Astha at the mandir stairs. She turns to look at him. Saiyyan Ve ab raasta dikhaade tu……………….. plays……………. Shlok and Astha have an angry eyelock. He says its good I saw you here, you are confused, you are doing this rituals and wants divorce from me.He says you want freedom from this relation, holding this Vaan pot, do you think you will get freedom from me. He hands over the divorce papers to him and asks her to take care. He says you wanted this and taunts her. He asks why are you wearing the mangalsutra, of whose name is it? He tries to break it and she holds his hand and stops him. They look at each other.

She says you don’t have the right to break it, don’t forget, I gave you the right to make me wear this. She says now our ways are different, that we won’t unite ever. She says don’t come in my way, got it. Ve Saiyyan…………… plays…………………. Shlok leaves. She looks on and cries. She has divorce papers in one hand and Vaan pot in other. Khwab vo pyaara aisa hai tuta……………….. plays……………Its night, Astha comes home crying. Kalindi sees her and asks what happened there, what did Niranjan say. Astha says what you wanted, Bappa gave you that, Shlok has signed the divorce papers. Kalindi is happy seeing the divorce papers. Astha is very much upset that her marriage broke.




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