Top 10 African Countries With Cheapest Fuel Prices As Of April 2024


The economic development of regions, such as Africa, heavily depends on accessible and affordable fuel prices.

Low fuel prices play a crucial role in various aspects of a country’s economy, facilitating efficient operation while empowering both businesses and consumers, thereby shaping market dynamics.

In many African nations, high transportation costs worsen poverty by limiting access to essential goods like food, healthcare, and education.


However, the potential benefits of lower fuel expenses are significant. They can help alleviate the challenge of high transportation costs, particularly for low-income individuals and rural areas, offering a glimmer of hope for a more accessible and equitable future.

Additionally, industries heavily reliant on transportation, such as manufacturing, logistics, and agriculture, may face inflated operational costs, potentially leading to diminished profit margins, particularly in areas dependent on power generators.


Therefore, the role of gasoline prices in certain African countries in driving economic activities is not just significant but crucial.

Here are the top 10 African nations with the most affordable fuel prices as of April 2024, based on data from

1. Libya – $0.031 (Global rank: 2nd)

2. Egypt – $0.281 (Global rank: 4th)

3. Algeria – $0.342 (Global rank: 6th)

4. Angola – $0.359 (Global rank: 8th)

5. Nigeria – $0.549 (Global rank: 13th)

6. Sudan – $0.700 (Global rank: 20th)

7. Tunisia – $0.800 (Global rank: 22nd)

8. Liberia – $0.968 (Global rank: 31st)

9. Gabon – $0.968 (Global rank: 32nd)

10. Ghana – $1.051 (Global rank: 40th)


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