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Twist of Fate Update

Twist of fate 13 May 2021: Door bell rings. Pallavi and Vikram come to hall. Pallavi says who came at this time. Meera comes and tells that she will check. She opens the door and finds Inspector standing.


Inspector gets inside the house and tells that they have arrest warrant against Aaliya Khanna. He asks Meera if she is Aaliya Khanna. Meera says no and asks what is the matter? Pallavi asks what is the matter, tell us. Inspector says she hit a lady and ran. It is a case of hit and run. Purab tells Pragya that when Doctor asked suddenly, he said…Pragya says you said what your heart feels and tells that mind knows, but heart doesn’t know and speaks with eye or tongue. She says its ok. Purab hugs her and cries. Pragya asks him to sit. She asks Purab not t cry and asks him to make his heart understand.

Purab says he was waiting for her since 20 years and feels like everything is slipping off from his hands. He says he has a life, but nothing in it. Pragya asks him to have patience and says everything will be fine. Purab asks do you think this? Pragya nods her head. Meera tells that she will bring Aaliya.

Aaliya tells Rhea that Police came. Rhea asks her to hide and says they behave badly. Aaliya hugs her and says I love you more than anyone else in this world. She says she will deny everything. Rhea says ok. Meera comes there and tells that Police came. Aaliya asks why? Rhea says Bu ji didn’t do anything. Aaliya says I am coming. Meera comes downstairs and asks Inspector to wait. Aaliya comes down and says she is Aaliya Khanna. Rhea asks why you want to arrest her and says she is innocent.


Aaliya asks Inspector to say. Inspector says you hit Disha with your high speed car and ran away. Dasi asks if she is Disha singh? Inspector says yes. Aaliya asks her to be quiet. Dasi says why Aaliya will do her accident. Inspector says then only she did the accident and asks lady constable to arrest her. Rhea takes handcuff from the lady constable and throws it. Inspector says if she interferes then we will arrest her too.

Pallavi says she is a kid and says she can’t see her buji arrest. Inspector tells that she hit Disha Singh with her high speed car and then stopped her car at a distance, and then escaped. He says he has an eye witness and says she is Prachi. Rhea says Prachi is a big liar and lying. Lady constables are taking Aaliya out.

Rhea shouts and tries to stop her arrest. Inspector says I am silent thinking her as a kid. Rhea hugs Aaliya and asks her not to go. Aaliya tells Rhea that she didn’t do this accident intentionally. She asks Rhea to meet Prachi and asks her to take back the complaint. Inspector says if Prachi takes the case back then we will leave her. Rhea shouts. Aaliya asks Vikram to call Lawyer. Rhea shouts as Aaliya is taken away by the Police. She comes inside the house and tells that they all like Prachi, but Prachi took enmity on her family member. She counts whatever her family has done for Prachi. She calls Prachi and tells that she will make her pay for this. Vikram says I will go to Police station and get her bail.

Rhea tells that her Bu ji can’t do anything wrong, this is all done by Prachi. She shouts and tells that she will make Prachi pay for this. She says she has no idea what she is in and will confess her crime infront of Police. She says I am so angry and will tear her etc. Meera asks her to calm down and hugs her. Rhea cries and tells that Prachi doesn’t know whom she has taken enmity. He says she will not leave her. Meera says nothing will happen to your Buji.


Sarita behen asks Rishi if he called Police. He says yes. Door bell rings. Prachi and Sahana come home. Prachi asks Madhu what happened to your hand. Madhu tells everything that when she was going to kitchen to get food for Rishi, she went to his room and someone attacked her. Shahana asks who was he? Madhu says I couldn’t see his face. Rishi says I had called Police. Sarita behen asks where is Pragya? Prachi says I will do, tell me. Sarita behen says I am having fever and Madhu is injured, Pragya shall be with us now.

Rhea calls Prachi. Sahana cuts the call and takes phone with her. She says Rhea might be calling her to scold her. Prachi gets upset with Rhea and tells that she wants to slap her and make her understand what is right or wrong. Sahana says she is neither your sister nor friend and don’t deserve your lecture. Prachi says yes. Sahana asks her to shower her love and lecture on her and appreciates her for her presence of mind and taking the car number plate’s pic.

Rhea tells that Prachi is not picking the call. Meera tells that she will call her. Dasi asks what you will tell that your Buji did her maasi’s accident. Rhea misbehaves with Dadi and asks if she is Prachi’s Dadi. She says you all are blaming my Buji and nobody took her side. Pallavi says it is not like that. Vikram says you are not letting me call lawyer. Rhea tells that she wants her Buji to come clean and tells that she will handle her on her own. Dasi asks Pallavi to bring her phone and tells that she will call Disha’s number. Meera tells Vikram that either Prachi will take back the case or Rhea will ask us to call lawyer. Pallavi brings phone. Dasi calls on Disha’s number and tells that nobody is picking the call. Meera tells that the matter is going to be complicated this time.


Rhea comes to Prachi’s house and rings the bell. Madhu opens the door. Rhea comes inside shouting Prachi’s name. Prachi is in the bathroom. Rhea calls her. Sarita behen says Prachi is not at home and asks her to say what happened. Rhea pushes Madhu. Shahana comes infront of Rhea. Prachi comes and asks what happened? Rhea looks at her angrily.

Rhea pushing Madhu on floor. Prachi comes and asks what happened? She asks if she don’t understand that Madhu is injured, Rishi is worried due to Sarita behen’s health. She takes her out and asks how dare you to come to my house. Rhea asks her to leave her hand and asks how dare you to touch my hand. Prachi says this is not your house or office and asks her to keep her tone down. Rhea accuses her for showing her value and complaining against her Buji. Prachi is surprised and asks report against your bua. She says your Bua did my Maasi’s accident. Rhea says she didn’t do it intentionally. Prachi says whoever had done it, stopped the car for a while and then went. Rhea asks her not to say anything against her Buji.

Prachi asks if she thinks that she knew that her Buji hit her Maasi. She tells that she was not aware that the person was her Bua. She says she would have done the same thing if it had happened with someone else. Rhea asks why? Do you want an award or claps. Prachi says how to make you understand. Rhea tells that Buji didn’t do the accident intentionally and she was frozen when it happened and she was afraid that the public might attack her. She asks her to come with her, apologize to her Bua and take back her complaint. Prachi asks why don’t you understand and asks why anyone will listen to you.


She says I will say the same thing even in Police station, your Buji hit my Maasi and ran away. Rhea says if anything happens to my Buji. Prachi tells that if something happens to my Maasi. She tells that she didn’t file complaint against her Buji, but against the person hitting her Maasi. She says she will not take back the complaint even if Mehra Sir asks her. Rhea asks if she is her real Maasi. Prachi says no and tells that her mum calls her sister.

Rhea tells that her Buji is her blood Buji and tells that it is good that they are not related. Prachi tells that all relations are not of blood. Rhea asks if she will not come with her. Prachi refuses and asks if she comes again like this then she will slap her. Rhea says she is not her younger sister to get slap by her. Prachi comes inside the house. Rhea sits in car angrily. Sarita behen tells that she will go and check what Rhea is doing. Prachi comes and tells that they shall do the packing. Sarita behen thinks Prachi is hiding something.

Sanju and his friend come somewhere. The waiter who gave the spiked drink to Prachi sees them and thinks he is hiding and they are still living the same way. Sanju tells that he made his father understand that he wants to do something in life. He says he doesn’t know that he was talking about Prachi. His friend tells that he was not with him as whatever he did was wrong with Prachi. Sanju realizes the same and tells that he came in Rhea’s talks. They go to have food in restaurant. The waiter thinks they seem to be rich party.


Rhea thinks about Prachi and her argument. She gets down from the car and calls someone. Abhi gets Prachi’s call in the hotel room. He is about to pick, but misses it. He again gets a call. He picks it and says sorry Prachi, it got disconnected before I answer your call. Rhea is on call and thinks Prachi called him already. Abhi checks the number and asks Rhea why she is calling from India number. Rhea says she is in India and returned today. Abhi asks why didn’t you tell me. Rhea tells that Bu ji needs his help and tells that she did Disha’s accident.

Abhi repeats the same in shock. Rhea tells that she tried to talk to Prachi as she filed the complaint, but she refused. She asks him to talk to her. Abhi asks what did Prachi said? Rhea tells that Prachi said that Buji did Disha’s accident intentionally and ran away. Abhi thinks Aaliya can do anything in anger and recalls party incident. He tells Rhea that Aaliya can do the accident. Rhea says bye and is angry. She thinks Prachi called dad and brainwashed him. She thinks she will not leave Prachi and sits in car. Abhi calls Purab and asks why didn’t you tell about Disha’s accident. He says he will come there. Abhi says Rhea…and just then call ended. Abhi finds his phone off and looks for charger. Purab thinks how did he know about Disha’s accident.


Sanju and his friend come to the restaurant and order vegetarian food as Prachi likes it. He gets up from the chair and sees waiter. He thinks he has seen him somewhere and goes. The waiter comes to Sanju’s friend and asks whoever was seated on this chair with him, has won a car and asks for his number. The friend gives Sanju’s number. Waiter goes. Sanju comes back. his friend informs him about winning the car.

Rhea comes to the Police station and asks inspector to leave her Buji. Inspector asks why? Aaliya asks did you talk to Prachi? Inspector says if Prachi comes and takes back the complaint then he will leave Aaliya Khanna. Rhea asks if Prachi is more than law. Inspector says if Prachi is doing this to malign Aaliya’s image then we will arrest her too. Rhea gets angry at him. Rhea asks her about lawyer. Rhea tells that Vikram uncle is bringing him. Rhea asks Inspector with whom he took the money and shouts at him. Inspector says if she accuses him like this then I will arrest her too. Aaliya asks her to calm down.


Sanju’s friend tells about his prize. Just then Sanju’s phone rings. Waiter asks him if he remembers Diwali night when he gave him money to spiked Prachi’s drink. Waiter says I will send you my selfie to make you remember. He sends his selfie. Sanju sees his pic and says he is here. Waiter hides him and calls Sanju again. He asks him to give money. Sanju says I will tell you. His friend asks why is he worried? Sanju tells that the waiter hired by Rhea is blackmailing him and tells that he will give him money, but will not let him reach Prachi.

Aaliya tells Rhea that this place is not for you. She says they can arrest you and asks her to understand. Vikram brings his lawyer who presents bail papers. Inspector says how you got bail at this time. Vikram says special permission. Inspector tells Rhea has accused him that he took money to arrest Aaliya Khanna and says you people have given money for her release. Lawyer says you can’t talk to my client or her family like that. Vikram says Inspector is shaken up, he arrested her with so much hardwork and might be thinking how she got freed so easily. Inspector asks constable to free Aaliya. Aaliya comes out. She thinks she will ruin Prachi’s life like she had ruined Pragya’s life. Rhea thinks she will do something with Prachi for troubling her Buji.

Disha opens her eyes. Pragya asks shall I call the doctor. She tells her that Purab is here since night and tells that if he sees her fine then his pain will become less. Purab comes inside the ward. Pragya goes to talk to Doctor.


Sarita behen, Prachi, Shahana, Rishi and Madhu come back to the old house. Shahana says house must have missed her. Madhu goes to get water. Prachi comes to Sarita behen and asks her to lie down for sometime. She takes her to room. Sarita behen says I would have sit there for sometime. Prachi asks her to think her as Pragya and listen to her. Sarita behen says ok and asks if she is happy. Madhu brings water and gives to Sarita behen. Sarita behen asks Shahana to make tea. Shahana says Prachi makes nice tea. Sarita behen says she doesn’t like tea made by Prachi and wants to have tea made by her. Shahana goes. She comes to Rishi and asks if the attacker was a guy or Priyanka. Madhu and Prachi hear them.

Someone knocks on the door in the hotel room. Priyanka uses glycerine and opens the door. Waiter says only an animal can do this with you. Priyanka asks him to pray that the person gets the punishment. He gives her newspaper. Priyanka checks newpaper and finds her news in missing section. She thinks she would have killed Rishi, but Madhu came there. She thinks she would have committed suicide after that, but she is alive and wishes to call abhi and ask him to read her diary. She thinks where is her diary? She thinks Rishi must be hanged by now and tells that if her anger increases then will come out on chucks and then says not you, but on Rhea.

Abhi talks to someone and asks him to mail whatever he missed in conference. He asks about his flight. The guy says 7 pm. Abhi takes his phone to call Rhea. Rhea tells that she doesn’t want to talk to him and picked his call as he called from unknown number. She says Buji came out of Police station without your help. Abhi thinks Rhea is very upset and returns the phone to the guy. He thinks to talk to Purab and asks him about Disha.

Purab holds Disha’s hand. Disha asks what happened? Why you are sad? She says I am fine. Purab says I was scared and thought if anything happened to you. Disha says Pragya di and you was with me. He asks if she is angry with him. Disha says no and tells that if she stresses her mind then will be. Song plays…..Meri dehleez se…..


Nurse comes and tells that Doctor asked her to give injection to her. She gives injection to Disha and goes. Purab holds he hand and smiles. Disha says I am not upset with you and don’t hate you, really. Hritik comes there and asks what happened to you Disha. Disha asks who told this mad guy about my accident. Pragya says I told him when he called. Hritik says he rushed here like mad. Disha says he is calling himself as mad and tells that he is saying as if he got my death news. Purab shouts Disha. Pragya tells that she will call Sarita ji. Disha says you can go. Pragya says I know what to do.

Disha asks Purab to go and tells that hritik is with her. Hritik says I will be here and asks him to come later. Purab asks him to call him when needed. He gets Abhi’s call. Abhi asks about Disha. Purab says she is fine and tells that he is going home, Aaliya might be upset with me. Abhi asks if he doesn’t know that Aaliya was arrested by the Police for Disha’s accident. Purab says if Aaliya was driving the car then it was intentional. Abhi says rhea called me, but I didn’t get Aaliya freed. Purab says we will talk when you come back home.

Shahana calls Pragya and asks where she has reached? Pragya says I know that everyone is shifted to old house. She asks her not to plan anything. Shahana says if she goes to new house then shall bring the tea box as they forgot it there. Madhu says they can buy the tea rather than paying the taxi rent. Pragya asks her to take care of everyone and tells that she will bring the stuff. She asks Madhu to go and rest. Madhu tells that Pragya is best in all relations. Rishi sees newspaper and finds Priyanka’s news in it. He gets shocked and thinks if Maasi or Nani see this, then they will get tension. He thinks what to do with this newspaper.

Dasi asks Aaliya about Purab and tells that he was not seen since night. Aaliya says he might be with Disha. Dasi asks her to call Disha. Aaliya asks if she can’t have food at home. Purab comes and asks how she is talking to Dasi. Dasi asks him about Disha. Purab says she is fine, Pragya di is with her. Aaliya says they will be together for planning and plotting. Dasi asks why Pragya haven’t come here? Aaliya says nobody will talk to Pragya and asks her to go to her room. Purab asks her not to talk to Dasi like that. Aaliya says Dasi is her family member and not his relative. She says I gave you right to show right on my family. Purab says if she will fight with him. Aaliya says fight will happen as we have taken Pragya and Disha’s names.




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