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Twist of Fate Update

Twist of fate 3 May 2021: Rhea calls Sanju and telling that waiter is coming to him, asks him to make sure that he doesn’t drink anything and asks him to make Prachi drink it. Sanju says everything is under control and ends the call.



Prachi asks who is on call? Sanju says my cousin from Hoshiarpur. Rhea says now everyone will know how much characterless Prachi is. She tells Priyanka that everyone will know that Prachi has a bad character. Dimpy tells Shaina that they shall tell Dadi and Mitali about Prachi. She says once Mitali knows that she will tell everyone. They come near Dadi and Mitali and act to talk to each other about Prachi. Dimpy tells Shaina that Prachi is after Sanju. Dadi and Mitali scold them for talking bad about Prachi.

They say that they know about her and she can’t do anything wrong. Dimpy says sorry. She tells Shaina that their work is done. Sanju tells Prachi that he wants a drink. Waiter comes and serves them drink. Prachi takes the drink. Sanju asks her to drink and holds the glass. Prachi drinks. Rhea smiles seeing her plan working. Prachi feels dizzy and falls on Sanju. Ranbir gets upset and goes. Sanju tells that something is stuck to her clothes. Prachi says she will clean it and starts going inside. Rhea says second step is successful and then her chapter will be closed. She hugs Priyanka.

Door bell rings. Disha says Hritik must have come. Purab says why will he come here when his girlfriend is waiting for him somewhere else. Disha opens the door and gets happy seeing someone. Purab tries to see. Abhi comes inside. Purab says you. Abhi asks what did you think? Hritik says whatever it was good. Disha hugs Abhi. Abhi says he was calling Purab, but he was not picking the call. Disha asks him to have coffee and sweets. Abhi says his kurta has become tight. Disha asks Hritik to come and help her. Hritik goes to kitchen.


Disha asks Abhi if he wished Diwali to Pragya. Abhi says yes, and she will remember it all life. He asks her not to tell Purab and tells that he gossips alone. Disha says ok and goes to kitchen. Abhi tells Purab that if he had not come then the trouble (Aaliya) would have come here. He says she knew that you came here.

Sanju comes to room where Prachi came and asks her to clean the stain from her dupatta. He asks her to go to washroom. Prachi goes to washroom. Sanju thinks I shall act as real and nobody shall know that I knew about CCTV here. He removes his jacket and kurta. Rhea tells that Dasi and Daljeet aunty shall be here, dhamaka can start here anytime. Aaliya thinks she can’t go, Bhai is also not here, thinks work comes first, client must be coming. Rhea tells that she can’t wait more for her plan to work and asks Dimpy to bring the mic. She tells everyone that they will not burst crackers this year and reminisces the time when her Buji, Dad and even Suwarni Dadi was small. She says lets celebrate that time. Ranbir reminisces his father’s childhood when he used to light crackers from far. Pallavi says I have that stick still. Dadi says Ranbir is better than Vikram. Rhea says I will play something.

Prachi comes back from washroom. Sanju asks her to help him, take out his shirt. Prachi says yes. Rhea acts as the CCTV couldn’t be connected and then connects it to guest room CCTV. Everyone see Sanju and Prachi on bed and get shocked.

Pragya is on the way and comes out of the car. She comes to know about the accident on the road and that’s why road is blocked. Priyanka signs Rhea to switch off the CCTV footage. Rhea switches it off. Sanju thinks Rhea must have done the work. Prachi gets up from bed and asks Sanju to leave her hand. He asks her to rest for sometime. She frees his hand and goes to washroom. Sanju thinks he came to get her and make her his.


Prachi goes to bathroom from the room. Aaliya asks Rhea what is all this? Rhea acts innocent and tells that she doesn’t know. The people starts gossiping about Prachi. Ranbir is in shock. Rhea thinks Prachi will become bad now and she (herself) will become good. She asks Aaliya about Abhi. Aaliya says he is not at home and asks Rhea to bring Prachi there. She tells everyone that she hopes that they don’t stop her from doing what she wants, after watching all this. Purab tells Abhi that he should have picked Aaliya’s call. Abhi tells Purab that he called Aaliya and said that they are at Disha’s house seeing her car there, so she went. Purab thanks him for saving him and says he will get tattoo made that he is under his debt. He tells that tattoo will be painful, so plan cancelled. Abhi asks him to inform him and pick his call when he goes somewhere. Purab tells Abhi that Disha lied to him.

Hritik tells Disha that he never said her that he is from Chandigarh. Disha says he only told him. Hritik asks why is she taking interest in him and called him to her place. Disha says today is Diwali and tells that Abhishek Mehra and Purab Khanna came here, so she invited him. Hritik tells that Abhishek came with me. Disha says she called him as they were coming. Disha asks about his college, business, papa and says if anybody asks you anything then? She asks him to give milk from the fridge.

Prachi washes her face in the bathroom and still feels drowsy. Sanju thinks he needs to look good infront of her so that she agrees to marry him. He calls her and asks if she is fine. Rhea knocks on the door asking her to open the door. Sanju opens the door and whispers that he did his work and asks her to do her work. Rhea asks him not to talk to her now. Prachi comes out of bathroom and asks what? Rhea asks her to come downstairs with her boyfriend. Prachi asks boyfriend? Rhea goes.


Purab tells that Disha lied to him about hritik. Abhi says her heart beats for you still and asks him to ask her directly why she lied. He asks if he needs Pandit for mahurat and says you are scared of rejection. He asks him to confront her and don’t give her a chance to lie. Purab says I tried, but Disha made excuse and left. Abhi says when someone likes someone then know about their likes and dislikes and says we shall ask them. Purab says I tried, but Disha made an excuse that something is on gas and left. Abhi asks Purab what is my name and asks what is his favorite game which he used to play with his band. He says card game?

Beeji and Meera come to the party hall. Beeji says Meera was scared of children’s cracker. They see everyone tensed. Meera asks Vikram if anything happened? Priyanka says I will tell. She says everyone is from a reputed family here and that’s why nobody wants to say anything, but I shall tell as someone has to speak.

Disha and Hritik bring coffee. Abhi asks for the black board or slate. Disha asks why do you need it? Purab says to know the truth. Abhi says he is mad and tells that Purab told that he wants to play truth or dare game, but I said that we shall play something else, card game. Hritik asks about the game. Abhi says Hritik seems to know the game and will win. Hritik says answers shall match. Abhi says no.


Shahana comes to the party hall. Priyanka goes to her and says welcome back Shahana. She asks did you come for some work or came to save your sister Prachi. Shahana asks where is Prachi and asks what is happening? She asks why everyone is looking at me like this. Priyanka says everyone is in shock as they saw something shocking which they never saw and that too on Diwali day. Beeji asks her to tell clearly. Aaliya says we didn’t think that Prachi will do something disgusting. Shahana asks Ranbir about Prachi. Priyanka says Prachi is in guest room and trying to trap a rich guy. Vikram asks her to mind her language and says Prachi will give clarification.

Aaliya says we have seen everything. Priyanka says she came from such background and has blackened her face. Shahana asks her to mind her language. Priyanka says she got a good chance to did something wrong. Shahana says I knew her and she can’t do anything. Priyanka says Prachi must have taken your help and asked you to handle us here. Shahana says I know what she can do and what she can’t. Aaliya asks her to keep her mouth shut.


Pragya is still on the way and asks driver, when they will reach there. Driver says 5-10 mins. Pragya calls Prachi, but she is not picking the call. Pragya thinks Prachi must be talking to Mr. Mehra’s family, they are like family to her.

Abhi telling Disha that he has many boards at his house and says lets go home. Disha says why your home? Abhi says lets go and asks her to come. Disha says she will bring lock and lock the house. Purab asks Abhi, if he knows what Aaliya can do? Abhi says you know what I can do and tells that they will make Disha and Hritik go to Vikram’s house terrace and then we will also join them in sometime.


He says after we leave from here, we will pretend to fight. Pragya gets worried and thinks if Disha is fine. She calls her. Disha calls her and asks how is she and everyone? Pragya says everyone is fine. Hritik takes the call and says happy diwali. Pragya thinks Disha is also fine then what is wrong, why her breath is heavy?

Disha tells Hritik that his phone is ringing. She says I asked you to put phone on silent mode. Hritik rejects Veronica’s call. Purab and Abhi come there. Disha says I thought you will set in my house. Abhi makes excuses and starts arguing with Purab. He asks him to fight. Purab hugs Abhi and says I was combing my hairs. Abhi whispers to him not to hug him, but rather fight. Disha asks Purab, what did you do that jiju got angry? Abhi says I just pointed out that you was combing your hairs and asks why did you hug me? He says friends shake hands and don’t hug. Disha and hritik go to the car. Purab asks Abhi why he is trapping him in Dostana as he is trying to woo Disha. Disha comes back and says you both started fighting again. Abhi and Purab argue. Abhi says we will go in separate cars. Hritik says we will take our cars. Abhi says I will decide and takes Hritik with him. He leaves Disha and Purab together.

In the car, Abhi tells Hritik that he knows Purab since his childhood and asks Hrithik since when he knows Disha. Hritik says since 7 years. Abhi asks if they are…Hritik says no and asks him not to ask Disha even by mistake, else she will kill me and tells that she likes to stay alone and had a bad past relationship. Abhi says you don’t know anything. Hritik asks what? Abhi thinks I shall not tell him, it is Disha and Purab’s personal matter. He tells Hritik that he had a wrong notion. Hritik tells that he wishes to have Disha in his life. Abhi puts the sudden brake and says don’t think that even in your dreams, as I am her brother and don’t like you. Hritik gets upset.

Purab and Disha are in the car. Purab asks Disha if she is thinking something and asks about Hritik’s college. Disha says Dehradun. She tells that she don’t want to answer and liking the silence. Purab says you are scared to answer me as you are hiding something from me. Disha says there is nothing which I am hiding and tells that she will tell everything when did he propose her, held her hand and hugged her.


Purab puts the brakes to the car and tells that he don’t want to know. Disha gets down from the car and starts walking. Purab asks why did she get down on the way. Disha asks him not to trouble her as she will call Police. Purab asks her to call Police, if she really thinks that he is troubling her. He asks her to use his phone and call the cops. He calls Police. Disha stops him. He tells that he is not a liar and he didn’t leave her, but she left him. Disha says I don’t want to talk to you. Purab tries to stop her. She sits in car and starts leaving. Purab asks who is Veronia, Hritik’s girlfriend. He says happy diwali. Disha leaves in car/cab.

Prachi gets down the stairs. Shahana comes to Prachi and hugs her. Prachi asks what had happened, tell me, I will handle. Shahana says they are saying that you was with someone in the room. Aaliya asks where is your boyfriend? Prachi asks what are you saying? Aaliya shouts asking where is her boyfriend and says we have seen everything. Prachi is shocked. Sanju comes there and says I am here. Aaliya says now I will see, how you will lie? Prachi asks her to tell what she wants to say? Rhea says how cheap Prachi, you have spoiled our Diwali. I was showing our pics on CCTV, but somehow guest room CCTV was connected and we all have seen.

She says I didn’t think you will do this. Prachi says I didn’t do anything wrong. Aaliya says did you do all these things in everyone’s house and says you was taking off that guy’s clothes. She says you both knew that there was nobody in that room and went there. She asks are you a married couple? Rhea says we all have seen what you have done there. Prachi says I went there to clean my dupatta as something fell on it. Sanju says she said right. Aaliya says and you went there to take off her dupatta. She humiliates Prachi and tells Sanju that you had said that you belong to a rich family. Sanju asks what is the connection here? Aaliya says there is a connection as Prachi like girls searches rich guys. Prachi cries.


She says nothing happened as you thought and asks why you are not letting me say? Aaliya says we have seen what happened in room and says we are not blind. Mitali asks Aaliya to let her say. Aaliya asks if we will believe her. Pallavi says even if this is true then let her speak and says she is someone’s daughter. Prachi asks Pallavi not to have sympathy on her and tells that she didn’t do anything wrong, had come with respect and will go with respect. Aaliya asks how you will prove that you was taking off Sanju’s shirt in room. Prachi looks on.



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