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Strange Love 9 May 2021: starts with Shlok caring for Astha. He takes her inside the mandir walking up the stairs lifting her in arms. At home, Niranjan scolds Varad for not knowing about Avdhoot’s arrest before time and asks him to call Deshpande. Sojal is happy. Varad calls the lawyer and Niranjan talks to him and asks him to bring Avdhoot out of the jail as he is his relative. Niranjan is very angry and tells Varad that is this news reaches the media, even our name and image will come in picture. Varad says it won’t happen, don’t worry.


Niranjan leaves. Anjali says this is Astha’s mistake, we should have not let her become our bahu, we will be ashamed if anyone asks Niranjan about Avdhoot. Varad leaves. Shlok asks the pandit to check Astha saying she is my wife who got bitten by a poisonous thorn, she has very less time, treat her. The pandit asks him to make her conscious and goes to bring the medicines. Shlok tries to wake up Astha. The pandit comes and gives him the medicinal paste. He asks him to wash her feet first then apply it. Shlok does it.
Ajju and Kalindi are crying at their home worried about Avdhoot. Ajju asks her to call Niranjan and find out. Kalindi calls on landline and Anjali receives the call. Kalindi says can I talk to Niranjan. Anjali taunts Kalindi and Kalindi apologizes to her and says I want to talk to Niranjan once. Anjali says when we offered help, you said you don’t need, and now we know what you people are, I would have not helped you, but Niranjan is helping you because we are related to you now, don’t call again, Niranjan will surely help. She ends the call.


Kalindi tells Ajju that we should call Astha now and calls her. Shlok is treating Astha with the medicinal paste. He says Astha……. and tries to make her conscious. Niranjan talks to every possible laywer asking them to free Avdhoot. He gets a call and is shocked to know that people have started knowing about Avdhoot. He scolds Varad and says I told you this news won’t leak, but now people are asking mea bout Avdhoot. Varad says I tried my best but…. Niranjan asks him to shut up, and says I m giving you a last chance, this news should not reach the media. He gets angry on Varad and leaves. Varad look on. Sojal thinks what did I do, my husband is being grinded in all this. Astha opens her eyes and Shlok calls the pandit and says see she has become conscious. The pandit says Astha, you are very lucky to get a husband like him. He says its because of Shlok, she got a new life. Astha looks at Shlok. Music plays………………. Astha thinks how Shlok took her in his arms and brought her in the mandir.



Sojal comes to Varad and pacifies him asking him not to be angry. She asks him to act smart and says you got habituated to get insulted. He says enough now, what do you think, I will stand against my dad because of your words, be shameful, stop all this and you think I will love this for you, did you ever think about our marriage and your husband, you don’t know to support me, you only know to scratch my wounds, he is my dad, he has full right to scold me, and I m ashamed to call you my wife, there is still time, change yourself else…… He leaves. Sojal is hurt by his words and says if Varad comes to know what Abhay and I did, then how will he react. The pandit tells Shlok and Astha that their relation is for seven births. Astha looks at Shlok. The pandit says Shlok has done that which many people can’t do. He blesses them asking them to be happy and wishes they stay together always. Shlok and Astha have an eyelock. Astha and Shlok greets the pandit by touching his feet. The pandit says you have to apply this paste again at night, you both stay here. Astha tells Shlok that she is fine now, if you want, we can go.

Shlok says did you not hear what the pandit said, I have to apply the paste again at night and I can’t take a chance. He sits away from her. She looks at him and thinks today I feel that everyone has some goodness. She thinks about her and Shlok’s love moments and thinks he is really caring. Shlok looks at her and says did you say anyhing. She signs no. Music plays…………… Its night, Shlok and Astha are still at the mandir. Shlok talks to the pandit and says its my dad’s birthday tomorrow, please pray for him. Astha hears them talking. Shlok asks the pandit to make a Kholi at the mandir. The pandit says I don’t have enough money. Shlok gives him money. The pandit is happy and blesses Shlok thanking him and leaves. Astha comes to Shlok and sits beside him. Shlok says eat something. He gives her an apple to eat. Khuda plays………….. Astha says thankyou for saving my life.

Shlok says I would have done the same if there was anyone else at your place. Astha is annoyed hearing this, she says so it means you don’t value me. He asks her to sit till he comes. He goes to bring the paste. He comes to her and applies the paste to her feet. Astha looks at him and says I don’t want this. He says did I give you any option. Saiyyan Ve an raasta dikhaade tu…………….. plays…………. Astha smiles seeing him. He ties a cloth to her feet. Astha thinks I feel Shlok won’t let my dad go to jail, as Shlok is a very good person at heart, he did this so that she comes on honeymoon with him.Niranjan talking to Anjali about his birthday. He asks her where is the guest list, do you think Avdhoot won’t come out and I won’t celebrate my birthday. He tells her what he can do. Anjali says I know nothing is impossible for me, and I have started planning for your birthday, I m worried that we could talk to Shlok and what happened with Avdhoot, thats troubling me.


Niranjan says don’t worry. Anjali says if Shlok does not come on your birthday then. Niranjan says this can’t happen, he is my son, he will surely come.Kaka reads the newspaper and is shocked to read about Avdhoot. He asks Sojal whats this and shows her the news. He says see this and gives her the paper. Sojal smiles. Anjali comes and hears them. He says the news is in every paper and Niranjan’s name is linked to him now. Anjali reads this and asks Sojal to keep all the newspapers in store room as she does not want to spoil Niranjan’s mood. Sojal says fine and thinks I have made this news print in the newspapers, it won’t be fun if Niranjan does not read this. She keeps a newspaper at the stairs and leaves.

Shlok tries to take the lift. The car does not stop and Astha laughs on him and says no one will stop the car seeing your face, see how I stop the car. She tries but fails. Shlok laughs on her. A truck stops and Astha laughs and says did you see. He says you have stopped a truck and laughs. Astha asks them to give them lift till Pune. The truck driver says we will charge Rs. 200. Astha says I m asking for lift, I won’t give money. Shlok says be quiet, and gives him money. They sit in the truck. Astha gives her hand to Shlok but he does not see. He then looks at her and Astha tries to get on the truck herself.Shlok makes some place in the truck. Astha and Shlok fall together in the truck and the flowers fall on them.Khuda………….. plays………… They try to move the flowers but end up looking at each other. They get up and Astha and Shlok clean themselves from the flower petals. Astha thinks of talking to her mum as its much time she did not inform them about her whereabout.

Astha asks Shlok to give her his phone so that she can talk at home. He says Aaoo, Aaoo….. She asks what are you doing. He says I m calling the pigeons so that they can pass your message to your dad as my phone is off. She looks at him annoyed and turns.Niranjan sees the newspaper and is shocked to read about Avdhoot. He shouts Varad. Everyone come in the hall. Niranjan gets angry and asks hum whats this. He says you have given a good gift to me on my birthday, you told me you will take care of everything, then how did this news come in the newspaper, you have proved it again why I should not trust you, if Shlok was here, this would have not happened. Anjali says leave it, you know the media, they pring anything. Anjali asks him to get ready as they have to go and invite the guests. Niranjan says till I get Avdhoot out, I can’t think about the party, its about my self esteem and I won’t let anyone put stain on it.

Niranjan calls his lawyer and goes to meet him. Anjali looks at Sojal angrily and says how did this newspaper come here. Sojal says I don’t know. Anjali says don’t keep doing this else you will be punished badly. Sojal says poor Astha, she does not know whats happening here. Varad says don’t dare to inform Astha about this. Sojal says I won’t do, but its my duty to tell Astha that her dad is in jail. She smiles.
Ajju comes to Kalindi and pacifies her. Kalindi says we don’t know how is Avdhoot. Ajju says trust the lord, Niranjan is trying, see he will bring Avdhoot back very soon. Kalindi says we are taking Niranjjan’s help and he does not like this. Ajju says don’t forget that the Lord tests only good people and you see Avdhoot will come out of jail with respect and will pass in this test. Ajju hugs Kalindi.
Niranjan talks to Avdhoot and says sorry you had to be in jail but now you are in bail. Avdhoot thanks him. Niranjan says I did this for Astha’s happiness, but I don’t know how you got caught in this, I remember you did not sign on the property papers which I asked you to, I know you are very honest. Avdhoot says maybe I did not understand you. Niranjan says I want to request you to sign those papers. The lawyer gives him the papers. Avdhoot says but I am suspended, how can I sign on this. Niranjan says the date on that papers is last months, when you were on duty. Niranjan says I wnat to open the school for serving the society.

Niranjan says if you feel this wrong, I won’t force you. Avdhoot signs the papers. Niranjan is happy. Avdhoot says you did a big favor on me, I did this going against my values. Niranjan says thanks and ends the call. The truck stops at a dhaba and Shlok and Astha are asked to have some food. Shlok gets down the truck and smiles seeing Astha. He makes her get down holding her hand and smiling. Astha asks for the STD booth. Shlok says why are you worried, I told you everything will be fine at home. He orders some food. Astha says Shlok is in good mood, so I will ask him whether he will spare my dad now.
Shlok gets freshen up. Astha and Shlok eat together. She makes him eat by her hands and says don’t bite. He looks at her love. She looks at him and says I will bring tea. She sees Avdhoot’s photo in the newspaper and is shocked to read his arrest news. She cries and looks angrily at Shlok. Shlok is unaware of this. She comes to Shlok and shows him the newspaper asking whats this. Shlok sees it and is shocked.




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